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Telos is a one-act play that examines why we do what we do; exploring a sense, or rather lack, of purpose amongst the vast majority of humanity. When the man-made concept of purpose is abandoned, what are we left with? Nothing: merely ourselves and our desire to do as we please, often leading to devastating consequences.

This work began with looking at the darkness and subject matter of the play itself.  With the play touching on some serious and violent topics. We wanted the visual look to mirror that in its grungy and dark presence, as if it was a character itself.

The ‘Telos’ lockup was created to reflect the ”In your face” nature of the play and it’s cold presence. The overall design system used through the case study was a reflection of the brutal nature of the play and inspired by the brutalist atmosphere found in a dark and lonely feeling city, just as the characters experienced.

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